Radio, Headset, Secure/Encrypted

Radio Headset


TL: 8, Notes: With throat mike. 1-mile range. 12 Hrs.


Bowman is the name of the tactical communications system used by the British Armed Forces. The Bowman C4I system consists of a range of HF radio, VHF radio and UHF radio sets designed to provide secure integrated voice, data services to dismounted soldiers, individual vehicles and command HQs up to Division level. Bowman has a number of specific applications installed on the base radio infrastructure known as BISAs. Bowman has been released incrementally as a number of phased capability releases known as BCIP releases, with BCIP 4F currently in the field, and BCIP 5 being installed progressively between 2009 and 2011. It replaces the Clansman series of radios in service.

Radio, Headset, Secure/Encrypted

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