What was thought and tracked as a comet cluster on a collision course with earth turned out to be something far worse. Six xenomorphic objects slowed once in system and set up a geocentric orbit with earth.

Project Alpha members were scrambled and sent to Fort Lee, Virginia

Dense weather systems, not unlike a hurricane, started to form across the globe. Their origins unknown, but no one failed to make the connection as they were counted, six of them in total.

As the clouds darken the entire face of the earth, everything began to unravel. Aircraft fell from the skies, satellites went silent, long distance communications failed, and even automobiles began to fail.

Fort Lee, along with many other military sites, are attacked by what can best be described as “bugs from sci-fi movies". Alpha 6 partakes in defense of Fort Lee until command orders them to pull back and travel to a rural location in the Smokey Mountains.

In a grueling five hundred mile trek, Alpha 6 finally reaches the “site charlie victor 6”. Their journey would involve trucks, civilian cars, and finally horses. The chaos upon the civilian population witnessed during this journey is best forgotten.

Reaching the site, the group is shuttled in to find Doctor Connell present as well as a hysterical Sam. A few military nurses are present helping get the “patients” prepped. As the team is administered a very painful injection and laid down in their “cryo tubes”, they see several nurses forcibly restrain Sam. She kicks and screams with pure terror as Dr. Connell approaches with some strange container.

Before you can protest, the drugs in your system overtakes you and you slip into unconsciousness.


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